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Price of the Product

Olagizmo.com displays the best price in Bangladesh for all smartphones in the site. However, the price of different smartphones changes and we try our best to update the prices the moment we get a glimpse from the official Internet sources. However, Olagizmo.com does not guarantee that all the devices on our website are made available with exactly the same price in official brand showrooms and any authorized sources currently.

Product Specifications

Olagizmo.com also does not guarantee that the specifications of the devices are 100% accurate. As we collect specs information from the official sites of a specific brand and also some other online trusted sources. But, there is always room for some error made from both ends as we manually add data or there might be any other reasons.

Reviews & Rating

The ratings and reviews we share under individual products are completely based on our online research, our knowledge, our understanding of the product, and opinion based on Youtube unboxing videos. Our ratings are mostly based on product specifications, It’s price and user opinion. The best Online hands-on reviews that come from reputed tech experts from Online sources like Youtube are considered in our all recent reviews. However, most of the reviews we share are based on the basic understanding of the product specifications only. Hence, the actual life experience of any user can be totally different for example, due to its software and hardware quality of the product.

Mostly, the real-life experience with a smartphone or any device is completely different and unique from one user to another user. Also, the performance of any device mostly depends on how an individual user is using it. Hence, reviews and ratings shared by us are just to give some basic indications about the product and hence should not be taken in an absolute sense.

Brand, Product Information & Other Articles

The information that we give on Products, brand pages, tech news, etc. we collect from the most authentic online sources, However, as we mentioned above, we do not guarantee the 100% accuracy of the data.