Samsung QLED 8K TV launched in India

South Korean company Samsung has launched the world’s first QLED 8K TV in India. This QLED 8K TV launch has established a new benchmark in the field of TV Technology. As the name suggests, the screen resolution of this TV is 8K. There are several exciting features like 8K AI Upscaling, Quantum Processor 8K, and Quantum HDR. Samsung QLED 8K TV is launched in four screen sizes 98 inches (247 cm), 82 in (207 cm), 75 in (189cm) and 65 in (163 cm). All of them get a 33 million pixel resolution picture quality, which is four times better than the 4K UHD TV display and 16 times better than the full HD Plus display TV.

Samsung QLED 8K TV Price in India

Samsung QLED 8K TV launched in India

Samsung QLED 8K TVs launch in India with the most surprising price. This QLED 8K TV’s most base variant, 65 inches (163 cm), will be launched in July. Its 75-inch (189cm) screen TV is worth Rs 10,99,990. TVs with a 82inch (207 cm) screen are priced at Rs 16,99,990 while the 98 inches (247 cm) TV screen is priced at Rs 59,99,900. This 98-inch (247 cm) TV will be made available only on order. The way technology is used in this TV, its price justifies it.

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Samsung QLED 8K TV Features

Samsung QLED 8K TV launched in India

Samsung QLED 8K TV launch with some amazing features, it has 8K AI Upscaling Quantum Processor 8K with the help of which this user will experience native resolution on the screen. However, at present very few 8K contents are available in the world, in this case, this TV converts any content into 8K resolution. In this TV you can simply optimize brightness and sound of any content streamed through HDMI or USB port.

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Samsung QLED 8K TV also supports Google Assistance and Samsung’s Bixby 2.0 Voice Assistance. According to the company’s claims, this TV’s far-field voice capabilities are tremendous, which supports voice commands even after remotely farther away from the TV. Apart from this, it also supports Apple AirPlay 2. With which you can directly connect Apple’s device to the TV.

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