5 Things You Need to Know About MediaTek 5G Chipset

5 Things You Need to Know About MediaTek 5G Chipset. MediaTek has launched MediaTek m70 an integrated mobile chipset with the world’s first 5G modem. Companies like MediaTek is changing the world with the introduction of new technology like 5G Enabled Chipset in regards to 5G smartphones.

What to expect from MediaTek 5G Chipset?

1) MediaTek 5G Features

The company’s Helio M70 5G modem with 7nm chipset comes with ARM’s recently announced Cortex-A77 and Mali-G77. This MediaTek m70 specs will save battery life and space of the phone.

2) MediaTek first 5G enabled chipset Speed

The maximum download speed of MediaTek 5G chip modem is 4.7Gbps and upload speed is 2.5Gbps. However, this 5G processor is not as fast as Qualcomm’s second Generation X55 modem. Qualcomm’s 5G modem gives download speeds of up to 7Gbps.

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3) MediaTek 5G chipsets Modem

MediaTek 5G chip has tried to give everything in just one go. If compared to both, Qualcomm’s modem is different from the company’s SoC. This means that the MediaTek 5G modem can consume more power and space. It depends on how companies have used technology.

4) The 5G competition

From the 5G technology perspective, MediaTek helio m70 5G chip is not as advanced as Qualcomm’s latest modem. This is because it does not support sub-6Ghz with mmWave. For short-term, this is not a big concern for the company, because the US is the only country at the moment which is currently rolling-out mmWave.

5) Network Support

Apart from this, the MediaTek 5G chipset supports standalone and non-standalone 5G. With this, it is also compatible with 2G to 4G networks. It is believed that this MediaTek 5G chip can only connect to sub-6GHz 5G spectrum, Now this a disadvantage against the equivalent 5G chipsets

The Company says that MediaTek 5g chipset helio m70 smartphone shipping will be started by the end of this year.  This MediaTek 5G Chipset can be launched at the beginning of 2020 in India. After Intel’s 5G phone is out of business and the US has blacklisted Huawei, competition in the 5G chipsets business has greatly reduced. So in a way, it is good that MediaTek is still giving Qualcomm a few bumps in the 5G space.

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